Sunday, 1 September 2013


  MEMORY VERSE: For to him that is joined to all the living there is hope: for a living dog is better than a dead lion. Ecclesiastes 9:4

BIBLE IN ONE YEAR: Num 10, Ps 46-47, Sng 8, Heb 8

In elementary school we learnt about living things and non living things. The difference between living things and non living things is that living things make decision. Plants and trees make decisions, one of the decisions they make is that they grow towards sunlight. Animals also make decisions; they purposely decide to move away from burning fire. There are three seasons in the life of a man – the past, present and future. Out of these three seasons we have control over the present, the past and future are out of our control. The most important of these three seasons is the present because we make decisions in the present i.e. we are alive in the present. After that, is the future because the decisions we make today affects our future. This is why Proverbs 22:29 says those who decide to be diligent today will sit before kings tomorrow (the future). Those who decide to be idle today will suffer hunger tomorrow (the future), Proverbs 19:15. To avoid a future of hunger, please get busy with your work or studies today.

The least important of these three seasons is the past. There is no one alive today who does not have a past. We all have past experiences – some of which are good and some of which are bad. We have all been let down and disappointed in the past. Many of us have been taken advantage of, and deeply hurt from events of the past. Some have made terrible mistakes in the past maybe in relationship or business or in career. Many have been abused in the past and molested by those who are meant to protect them. Friends I want you to know that we all have a past and we all have reasons to look back into the past. 

The past is considered dead. It is dead because we have no control over it. We cannot make decisions in the past and no matter what we do today, we cannot change the past. When you look to the past or think about it, you are just grasping the wind or chasing after shadows. Ecclesiastes 9:4 says for to him that is joined to all the living there is hope .Anyone that focuses on the past is joining his or herself to the dead. The dead has no hope of a better tomorrow, only the living has hope. Dwelling in the past is a step in retrogression. Looking back keeps you on the same spot for a long time. When you keep your focus on the past, it discourages you and stifles your initiatives. The reason for many depressions today is as a result of people failing to let go of the past. Do you know looking back prevents you from moving into the glorious future the Lord has for you? The only way out is for you to focus on the future and that is a function of the present. Change in circumstances is a possibility for those who focus on the future. Focusing on the future propels you to get into your future. Join yourself to the living today by dropping your past!

PRAYER POINT: Father I drop my past at your feet, and pick your future for my life.

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