Saturday, 4 February 2017


 MEMORY VERSE: And thou shalt teach them ordinances and laws, and shalt shew them the way wherein they must walk, and the work that they must do. Exodus 18:20

BIBLE READING: Deuteronomy 11-14

Moses’ father-in–law visited him and observed that he would sit all day judging the people, settling minor disputes, answering questions, teaching the people the statutes and law of the Lord, etc.( Exodus 18:13-23). His father-in-law counselled him to appoint qualified men, teach them the ordinances and laws, and make them rulers of thousands, hundreds, fifties, and tens. Moses listened and did all his father-in-law advised.
There is a lot to learn from this story. Firstly, it pays to be open to criticism. No one knows it all. Nobody has a monopoly of knowledge, not even the professors at the leading universities in the world. Many of us are yet to realise our potential in Christ simply because we are not open to (constructive) criticisms. Many of us don’t like being told that we are wrong. If there is no one to tell you that you are wrong, how will you correct your mistakes? It will be difficult for anyone who rejects correction to have a breakthrough. Moses was open to criticisms. He didn’t mind being told that he could have done things better. Because Moses was opened to criticism, Jethro analysed his working methods and gave him a constructive feedback. Despite his 40 years military training in the courts of Pharaoh and 40 years at the back of the desert, there were still things Moses didn't know.

Another lesson we can learn from this story is that regardless of how close you are to God, at times, God will speak to you through people. God had been speaking to Moses all these while. On this particular occasion, He chose to spoke to him through Jethro. Please, don’t look down on anyone. Shortly before I re-dedicated my life to Christ, a friend of mine invited two ladies into my room. As we drank and they smoked "weed (marijuana)" , one of them, a non-practising Muslim, looked around my room and said, " Sam, you have a lot of books but you don't have a Bible." I bought a Bible the next day and not too long after that, I re-dedicated my life to Christ.

NOTE: Don't look down on anyone because God can speak to you through anyone.


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