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Friday, 14 December 2012


Amos 3:3-can two walk together, unless they agree?

There was a man who owned a small farm. He worked on this farm year in year out and got very little out this farm just to feed himself and his family. Unknowingly or knowingly to this man, underneath this farm was oil. If only he will dig deeper, he will become very rich and would be able to afford good things of life. This man represents many believers today, and the farm represents the Holy Spirit. The oil represents the riches in Christ. If only we will dig deeper, instead of been Christians in poverty we will be Christians with the riches of God. The Holy Spirit is God, acting like God, been Himself God, always is God. He has the same attribute as God. He is God the Spirit; Jesus is God the Son and the Father is God the Father. He is not a force or power but a personality. He speaks and hears; thinks and reasons feel and has emotions; and decides, has a will, a self –determination. Because He is a personality a relationship with Him can be cultivated. The mistake we make is we think one experience of been filled with the Holy Spirit is sufficient and that is enough to know Him. Just like it is impossible to know a man just by shaking hands with him. It will be true if the man is a tree or lamp post but since he has a personality a relationship can be developed to know him. The same thing happens with the Holy Spirit, We can know the Holy Spirit better every day of our life.

Amos 3: 3 asks a rhetorical question; can two walk together except they agree? No. For two people to walk together, they need to agree on certain things. There needs to be agreement on direction, destination and route. If a man is going north and the other is going south it is obvious they cannot walk together or if they are going to the same location but each of them prefers to use different routes. To walk with the Holy Spirit we need to go the direction He is going. Not only that we must ready to go to His destination following His route. The Spirit filled way must be a holy way. A spirit filled life must be a holy life. He will not dwell in an unholy life. The good news is the Holy Spirit does not require a holy place to come in but He requires you be willing that the place should be made holy after He comes. The Holy Spirit does not come to a life to make him famous or make a celebrity out of him. He comes to make a man holy, give him gifts and enable him to witness, Acts 1:8. The greatest gift of the Holy Spirit is a meek, docile heart. He will transform you to a meek, humble, trusted, domesticated person. The result of this relationship is oneness with Him. One in outlook, hope and thought. Two people cannot walk together if they do not have anything in common. Once we become one with Him, He begins to release the riches of God to us. To achieve this oneness with Him , we must surrender to the Holy Spirit to transform us .

PRAYER POINT: Father, I want to be one with you, I surrender my life to you please transform me.