Saturday, 27 October 2012

Except the Lord builds the house

Psalm 127: 1 Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the LORD keep the city, the watchman wakethbut in vain

The most important part of a house is the foundation. Architects will tell you that foundation is core to any building structure.  One of the reasons why the word of God is so powerful is because it has its foundation in heaven.   Psalms 119:89 says forever o Lord, your word is settled in heaven. Any project or building or endeavour that does not have God has its foundation will fall when challenges arise. One constant thing in life is challenges and the righteous are not spared of them. Actually the righteous will face many challenges; thank God we have an assurance that we will be delivered from it all, Psalm 34:19. We have seen organizations with huge knowledge base, lots of resources at their disposal, lot of experiences without God as their foundation collapse during recession while small businesses with nothing really except God as their foundation blossom.

It is not sufficient enough to have Christ or the word of God as our foundation; we need God to be the Builder.  Psalm 127:1 says except the Lord build the house, the whole effort is in vain.  There are many strong foundations out there with uncompleted or abandoned structures sitting on them. Psalm 60:12 says through God we will do valiantly for it is He who shall tread down our enemies. It is very possible for a man to work very hard and still have nothing to show for it. Paul can plant from today till tomorrow; Apollos can water all day, if the Lord does not give an increase the whole effort will be in vain. That is why Jesus says in John 15:5 ‘without Me , you can do nothing’. Without God all efforts will be in vain. Why? Because the destroyer (the devil) is walking about looking for what to destroy. He hates to see anyone progress. When the Lord is the builder, there is nothing the devil can do. He can try but you can be rest assured that all his efforts will come to nothing over that project. When the Lord is the builder of a church,  People that see themselves as strong pillars in the church might  leave but instead of the church to collapse it will grow. Those that have promised to help you might decide to withdraw their support but as far as the Lord is involved in the building process of your life instead of falling you will rise higher. Concentrate today on the builder which is Christ not the market or the resources available.

ACTION POINT: As the God who is the greatest builder to build your life.

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