Tuesday, 30 October 2012

The Power of Testimony

Revelations 12:11 says and they overcame by him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death.

There is power in testifying to the goodness of God. After the healing of the ten lepers in Luke 17:11-19, one of them came back to testify to the goodness of God. Why do we have to testify? By sharing testimonies we are appreciating God. We are simply telling God thank You. Testimonies open doors to more miracles .When we thank God for what He has done, He will do more. Because this man thanked God for his physical healing, Jesus decided to make him whole i.e. healed in all areas of his life. Testimony perfects our miracle and makes it permanent. Any breakthrough or miracle that we have not testified about can be lost at anytime. After the healing of the mad man of Gadara in Matthew 5:1-20, Jesus 
told him to go and testify to his family what the Lord has done for him. Why? So that he would not lose his deliverance.

When we share testimonies, it builds the faith of others. Also every time we testify, satan loses grip over our life. Revelations 12:11 says they overcame him by the word of their testimony. I believe the Lord wants me to share this testimony with someone. Not too long ago, I was very hungry with no money to buy food. I could not use that opportunity to fast because I had eaten something that morning.  While I was sitting, my phone rang and when I checked it was a sister who I witnessed about Christ to. When I picked up the call, she told me she was preparing an African soup and wanted to know if I was interested. I said yes, and then she asked if I had anything to eat the soup with, I said no. She said ok and within thirty minutes my door bell rang, lo and behold she brought the special African soup with what to eat it with. I thanked her and she left. I descended on the food aggressively and before you know it the dish was clean. A month or so later, she asked me if I knew why she called me and gave me the food. I said no and she went to explain that immediately she left work, she had this urge to eat that particular soup so she went to market to buy the ingredient. When she got home and began to prepare the soup something began to tell her to call Sam and give him some. She tried to dismiss the voice but the voice kept on ringing in her. When the voice will not let her be, she decided to call me and asked if I was interested in the food.

I do not know who the Lord is talking to but I pray that the Lord will touch the heart of people (even people you have not told you need help) to offer help to you in Jesus name, Amen.  Before the food came, I had witnessed about Christ to her. I testified to her how the Lord saved my life. What if I had not witnessed to her? What if I was too shy to testify about Jesus to her? hunger would have dealt mercilessly with me that day. Thank God i testified. Testify about Jesus to someone today.

PRAYER POINT: Father, give me a testimony today and I will tell the whole world of your goodness.

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