Wednesday, 7 November 2012


Matthew 5:7 says blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy.

Unforgiveness is a powerful tool in the hands of the enemy and he has used it rob many of their healings, breakthrough and blessings. What unforgiveness does is it shuts the heaven over an individual. One can pray but as far as there is unforgiveness, there is a possibility that such prayers will not b
e answered. Mark 11:25 says and whenever you stand praying, forgive, if you have anything against anyone, so that your Father also who is in heaven may forgive you your trespasses. Before God restored Job, He first dealt with the unforgiveness that could stand in the way. He told Eliphaz and
the other two friends in Job 42:7-9 to take an offering to job so that he can forgive them and pray for them.

You may not belief this but there have been cases of women who the Lord told to go and forgive their husbands or someone who mistreated them before they can conceive and have children. I think I should this testimony of a pastor friend. Several years ago when he was still a brother, he went into transport business with his very close friend. The business was doing well, they normally meet at the end of the year to share profits and plan for the next year. This particular year they met as usual and the friend declared no profits but loss. After investigation, the brother found out that his friend had misappropriated the funds and he was unhappy. He became angry and never forgave this friend. Several weeks later the Holy Spirit fished out the friend in the church and he confessed. He was asked to go and make restitution. The friend approached this brother to apologize but this brother did not want to even see him. No matter what the friend did, this brother did not forgive. Few months passed, the friend began to prosper and buy new cars while things began to go the other way for this brother. This brother petitioned God that why should the man who dupe him prosper while He suffers. The Lord told him listen “your friend is prospering because I have forgiving him but you are yet to forgive. I cannot forgive you and bless you until you forgive him.” Thank God the brother was wise, he quickly forgave his friend and things changed. I think I should share this too. A particular sister suffered break down because her fiancĂ©e made another lady pregnant. Her world literally collapsed because that man was the only man she ever trusted in her life. She was so disappointment and this caused a deep wound in her heart. A year later due to the recession; she lost her lucrative job and was employed for almost two years. She was a trained accountant; she applied for all sorts of jobs and got nothing. She prayed and fasted nothing happened. The pastor bounded and loosed nothing happened. While discussing this year, for some unknown reasons I began to talk to her on the subject of forgiveness. She said there is someone that offended her but she forgave but not from the heart. We advised her
to forgive and she did. A month later she got a job after two years and to cap it up God has brought another brother!

ACTION POINT: Forgive that brother, sister, friend, family out of mercy so that God can show you mercy.

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