Tuesday, 25 December 2012


Psalm 3:3 -But thou, O LORD, art a shield for me; my glory, and the lifter up of mine head.

One of the names of our Lord is King of glory, Psalm 24:7-8. To truly understand the meaning of the word glory, one needs to consider its opposite which is shame. Shame is a very terrible thing. A man that knew shame like the back of his hands was Naaman, 2 Kings 5:1-17. He was a decorated general. He had all the badges a Syrian army could have. He had respect of the king and everyone in Syria. He had everything an average Syrian could dream of. He had the brains, name, connection, fame, and everything you could think of but he was a leper. This leprosy cancelled all his life achievements. Because he was a leper, he had to live in Leper’s colony in the thick forest. He could not come near his family or else he would infect them. He could not stand before the king or anyone. Although he had everything money can buy, he was very lonely .I do not need to tell you that Naaman walked with his heads bowed. One day he came across the agent of the King of glory –Elisha, and his story changed. He was cured of his leprosy and the head which was down was lifted. The man whose residence was leper’s colony in the thick forest began to live in the best part of town. Naaman who was not allowed anywhere in the city began to ride on chariots in the city. Naaman who had not smiled in years suddenly began beam with smiles because his shame had been replaced with glory.

Colossians 1:27 says Christ in you the hope of glory. Jesus Christ is the king of glory. Once He enters any life, shame vanishes. One He takes residence in a man, His glory will begin to radiate in the man’s endeavors. One thing common with people who have failed at something or suffered defeat is that they walk with their heads bowed. To be defeated means to lose a battle to someone or something more powerful and stronger. No one looses a battle and walks with his head high. Sorrow causes him to walk his head bowed. If someone fails an examination and begins to jump for joy, you know something is wrong somewhere. Shame and sorrow causes a man who has just failed an examination to walk with his heads bowed. The man at the pool of Bethesda was now used to defeat having suffered defeat on thirty –eight occasions, John 5:1-16. Every time the angel of the Lord came to trouble the water, someone faster, stronger, and quicker got to the pool before him. One day the King of glory paid him a visit and without trying he received his healing. To fail simply means to work very hard and have nothing to show for it. Peter tried all night but had nothing to show for it, Luke 5:1-10. While he was washing his nets with his heads bowed, the king of glory visited him and the same river he had cast his net all night , he cast his net once and caught so much that two boats began to sink. It is shame that keeps a man’s head down but once the shame is taken away;God’s glory begins to radiate and the head that is bowed down will automatically go up.This is why you need to give your life to Christ so that the glory of God will radiate in your life.

PRAYER POINT: King of glory let your presence be felt in my life.


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