Sunday, 2 December 2012


Revelations 2:4 - Nevertheless I have this against you, that you have left your first love.

In Revelations 2:1-5 God expressed His disappointment in the Church in Ephesus. At the beginning they were very passionate for Jesus. They were committed in the things of God, they loved holiness and righteousness. Out of their zeal to please Christ they worked extremely hard at keeping the church free from false prophets. Somewhere along the line, their commitments to the gospel of the cross began to come into question. Their passion and love for their saviour began to dwindle at an unbelievable speed. The state of this church can be compared to the walk of many in Christ at the moment. Many of us when we first gave our life to Christ, we were very hot for Jesus. We will not miss church services. We will get to the church before the door of the church was opened. When some first gave their life to Christ, they were so pure they will never look at any man or woman lustfully. They will never entertain any rude joke or give place to ungodly thoughts in their heart. They will never swear or curse anyone. They were always busy witnessing on the buses, in the streets, at college, university even at work. Many used to wake up at night to pray and intercede. They will do morning and evening devotion. They will take time out to spend quality time with Jesus just singing praises and worship .They never miss bible study or any other mid week service in the church. Today many no longer serve God the way they used to serve God when they first gave their life to Christ. They have forgotten their first love. When you ask them why? They will tell you they have been busy.

I was taking my bath one morning when the Holy Spirit began to remind me how i used to spend at least an hour singing praises and worship. He reminded me how at times i will spend lunch singing praises but i no longer do that. I began to give flimsy excuses of how i had to this and do that. He apologised for my so – called busy life. I immediately knelt down and i apologised to Him. I forgot that that the dead are not busy neither are the sick. Are you like me who became so busy that He forgot to say thank you? Thank God i am wiser now. Never be too busy to say thank you Jesus. Is yours different in that you have forgotten your first love? You no longer witness as you used to; you no longer wake up to pray; your punctuality is not as it used to be. Are you a shadow of what you used to be in the Lord – holy and pure? Or is yours completely different in that when you were seeking the face of God over your life partner or job or promotion you were fervent but today you are no more. You were a choir before the Lord provided the brother, now you are too busy to even attend choir practice talk less of minister or you were an usher before the big contract , now you have a car and a big house , you are too big to usher in the vine yard of God. Please repent today! The Lord is calling us to go back to our first love.

KEY POINT: Repent and go back to your first love.

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